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So..What exactly does a professional organiser and declutterer do?

Very simply, we work alongside you to help you get organised, be more productive, and finally understand the ‘why’ behind the clutter.

Our approach does not force you into a one-size-fits-all mold. Say goodbye to the "ideal organised person" picture in your head and discover your style – and the solutions that work best for you.

Armed with greater self-awareness, knowledge and organising skills you may come to know more happiness, personal growth, and lasting change.

2 Organisers can work with you.

The job gets done with double efficiency and expert input saving you time and money.

Thinking I should be able to do it alone.  How wrong I was.  It was a hugely positive experience.

- Charlotte -



I'm Liza

I understand the overwhelm of  juggling a home, kids, career and relationships.  Life has taken me along the sensitive heart-breaking process of stepping my mother through down-sizing - it is so much more than decluttering.  My personal emigration journey involved decluttering, packing, separation, selling: eventually it felt as though bleach had been poured over my life.

Nobody should have to feel alone or embarrassed while battling to 'get it together' through major life-changes. Like you, I also know the loneliness of maintaining helpful habits - yet another burden on an existing load. I care that unhelpful habits hold you back in an overwhelmed cluttered life.

I hold a Bachelors degree in Industrial & Organisational Psychology and am a certified NBI Creativity Practitioner


With 25 years' experience organising projects ranging from pantries to publicity teams; ballet concerts to corporate workshops, I am well versed in helping individuals and groups get to grips with overwhelm and reach their goals.

I am a verified member of APDO, the UK’s membership association for decluttering and organising professionals. APDO sets standards, provides professional development and supports the growth of the industry. I am also registered with insurance coverage



I'm Kadri

I know first hand the ache and overwhelming decision-making process involved in giving up things that are precious to you.  I wish I could be there for you so you wouldn’t have to go through this alone.

Eight Years ago I boxed up my life, left Estonia and arrived in the UK with two suitcases.

Over the years I could gently release many possessions as they gradually lost meaning and I was ready to accept them as "just stuff" that does not replace memories and relationships.


We have built a life here and you'd never guess how many things accumulated over eight years and two suitcases later!


A deep longing for a simpler life, leaving a smaller environmental footprint, motivated a personal discovery journey to find practical ways to do this.  At a critical point I was ready to go "all in". It was very hard work because I had to do it alone.  Hindsight is 20/20 vision and having online or in-person specialist help makes decluttering much easier.


My 10+ years’ experience in draughting and a Masters degree in Land Management give me great insight into planning, design and the practical use of physical space. 


My innate desire for order and boundaries that comes with the job, align with my personality and are key supports in juggling a family, office management, accommodation cleaning service and my allotment.​

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